The Flow of Time/ TAKT Project and Shingo Abe, 2018/ Courtesy of Grand Seiko 

Grand Seiko presents The Flow of Time by TAKT Project and Shingo Abe

The Flow of Time features Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive technology, the
company’s unique and innovative mechanism that delivers a level of
precision no mechanical watch can match. TAKT Project and Shingo Abe
bring this revolutionary technology to life in an installation that
communicates the essence and transience of time itself.

In Approach to Time, TAKT Project presents seven acrylic objects with
Spring Drive watch movements sealed inside. Small, twinkling
mechanisms and small lights inside the transparent objects showcase
the electricity generated by the parts themselves.

In Shingo Abe’s Kizamu / Nagareru, the trail of the sun draws an arch in
the sky, depicting the origin of timepieces, which began by “ticking”
this naturally arching and continuous movement. Time has transformed
from what used to “flow” to something that “ticks.” In their pursuit of
better performance, watches demonstrate a higher precision with the
“ticking” of time. The Spring Drive movement of the second hand is a
uniquely smooth, gliding motion so natural that it makes us feel the
“flowing” of time like raindrops falling, leaves drifting to the ground, or
stars orbiting the night sky. This visual work captures the contrast
between “ticking time” and “flowing time.”