Calico Wallpaper and Philippe Malouin present The Color and the Shape

The Color and the Shape transforms an expansive wall space into an interactive surface for collage. The installation is constructed from a library of hand-cut forms containing a set number of shapes in specific colors and sizes. Made from eclectic, textured, and oversized materials, these shapes are set against a background of color, creating an unscripted arrangement.

The elements on the wall can be moved and recombined. The goal is to treat each layer of texture and color as its own object, which is then independently layered onto the wall. By rearranging certain elements, the wall becomes a canvas and the layering creates an aesthetic form. The wallpaper therefore becomes three-dimensional and “real.”

Taking inspiration from Henri Matisse’s cutouts and the technique he described as “carving into color,” the installation is an immersion in simple shapes and textures. Each shape is mounted using minimal, impermanent materials that allow for easy relocation, drawing attention to the ephemeral nature of the composition and suggesting alternate possibilities. By separating each element into a distinctive layer, The Color and the Shape highlights the parts that make up the whole, inviting investigation, play, and discovery.

Calico Wallpaper moves art beyond the frame and incorporates its elements into everyday interior spaces by handcrafting custom-fit, non-repeating wall murals. Balancing background and foreground, texture, color, and pattern to create immersive environments, Calico Wallpaper is continually exploring the expressive possibilities of living space.

Philippe Malouin runs an independent design studio in London with a diverse portfolio that includes sofas, tables, rugs, chairs, lights, accessories, art objects, and installations. His work focuses on designing mass-produced products for furniture brands worldwide, but also special projects, such as gallery works for Salon 94 Design, New York.