Cristián Mohaded presents Entrevero

Entrevero was born in the hand of the Argentine designer and artist Cristián Mohaded. With the management and production collaboration of Josefina Roca, the collection is presented at Design Miami/ for the first time. Entrevero is about materiality, history, technique, and tradition from Argentina. The word itself has several definitions: to mix one thing among others or to mix several things; to be involved in a romantic relationship; and to face off in a fight. Entrevero seeks to cultivate a new means of expression that crosses the boundaries between design and art with its axis in the transformation and manipulation of materials through various artisanal and industrial techniques from Argentina.

Taking leave of fine art and journeying into the world of traditional artisanal handicrafts, this work seeks out new frames of reference that produce a cultural break where artisanal handicrafts and the cultural and historical agglomerate are honored by artists and designers who respect, manifest, understand, and see a new plurality. We understand design as a relationship, connection, and communication tool. A platform to take and transfer ideas, mixing and sharing a way of feeling, thinking, and doing that honors our traditions from a contemporary perspective. Mohaded proposes a design process without predetermined rules; embryonic and unprogrammed—an evolutionary design, a design of beautiful honesty and sensory richness.