Harry Nuriev presents The Office

The Office is based on the very beginning of Harry Nuriev’s career when he was an intern in a small office with no window in a typical Russian office building. This was the space where Nuriev began to create his imaginary world—all the commonplace office furniture and equipment became extraordinary works of art.

In The Office, the chair symbolizes creativity and a place to kill time, sometimes miserably; the printer symbolizes agreements and bureaucracy; the window symbolizes freedom and watching your life rather than living it; the air conditioner symbolizes fresh air and death; the rack symbolizes orderliness and a dress code that can kill your identity; and the shoes symbolize people who are not there anymore.

The overall concept expresses Nuriev’s ideas about connecting fashion, design, and art. The installation is inspired by the Balenciaga SS19 fashion show, which made Nuriev think he is not the only one thinking about office life.