Malcolm James Kutner presents re:construction

Reconstruction: the action or process of reconstructing or being reconstructed; a thing that has been rebuilt after being damaged or destroyed; an impression, model, or reenactment of a past event.

Malcolm James Kutner offers designers, artists, and collectors a cabinet of curiosity in which they can rediscover and explore together the interplay of form and function, art and design, abstraction and extraction, intervention and representation across disciplinary boundaries.

re:construction also plays with time and space as it takes an academic approach in creating a transhistorical environment for designminded prototypes that embraces a selection of works from postwar France to the presentday United States. French Reconstruction furniture from René Gabriel, Marcel Gascoin, and Gustave Gautier sits alongside ceramic tables made in 2018 in collaboration with Kutner and Jean-Baptiste Bouvier. These pieces anchor textiles by Bo Joseph and Laura Kaufman, mirrors by Maureen Fullam and Radisay/Szarek, and a site-specific intervention by Aleksandar Duravcevic.

A dynamic collaboration among makers and collectors, this presentation accommodates makers’ preoccupation with creating functional forms and collectors’ fascination with telling aesthetic stories. re:construction not only energizes a cross-disciplinary design dialogue, it also expands our understanding and appreciation of simultaneously formal, intuitive, and malleable relationships.

re:construction is presented by Malcolm James Kutner with Simone Joseph, New York, and with special thanks to Jean-Baptiste Bouvier, Paris.