Martina Simeti presents The Corner Piece N° 2 curated by Ligia Dias

Martina Simeti presents The Corner Piece N° 2, an interdisciplinary project united by the underlying concept of “Swiss perfection.” Curated by Ligia Dias, the space brings together conceptual and craft practices, questioning the notion of artistic field and the subjective value of a given object, be it artwork or product, as well as the exhibition form in itself. On view are a series of colorful concrete stools by Max Bill, a tiny and precious everyday tool by Valentin Carron, Johanna Dahm’s destructive take on a Swiss icon, enhanced versions of ordinary objects by Ligia Dias, a playful fork by Bruno Munari, a sugar cube as adornment by Meret Oppenheim, a wallpaper by Walter Pfeiffer, and silver clothes hangers by Bernhard Schobinger.

Martina Simeti welcomes international artists whose work is on the edge of conceptual and applied, art and design, to show and produce during residencies. The intent is to cross boundaries between artistic practices and everyday life, playing on the idea of the ordinary and the extraordinary. A former silversmith laboratory in Milan serves as the permanent space for exhibitions, while collaborative and curatorial activities take place both in and beyond its premises. Martina Simeti works with private collectors and public institutions internationally.