Nadja Zerunian presents Liabilities

Nadja Zerunian uses objects the way a playwright uses dialogue. She conjures forms out of copper and gold and places them in conversation with one another. Her vessels and tools might serve prosaic or ceremonial tasks, like pouring or serving, but they ultimately embody an effort to explore ideas—a Freudian attempt to free feelings and emotions. Liabilities is a series of objects, dramatically presented like actors on a stage, interpreting the complexity and ordinary nature of relationships. Produced with traditional Transylvanian Roma artisans who use archaic methods and tools to this day, the metal vessels portray one hundred scenarios, exploring human interactions, attachments, and bonds. The multiple ways relationships unfold—seducing, balancing, supporting, overbearing, bonding—are mirrored in the way the bowls, plates, and jugs rest next to one another. These beautifully crafted objects, deliberately arranged and perfectly executed, are precious trinkets to behold. Or perhaps they are an army of lovers, waiting to be freed from a spell by the magic power of touch.

After a successful career as senior designer for Calvin Klein in New York and creative director at Georg Jensen and the Swatch Group, Nadja Zerunian shifted her focus: she now relishes the immediate interaction with crafters and makers. She collaborates with artisans in Romania, Algeria, Lebanon, Iran, Austria, and Italy to develop small, limited-edition series highlighting the immense potential, relevance, and knowledge of local craft. She advises the Erste Foundation Roma Partnership program, is a creative consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and is a founding partner of co/rizom.