USM Modular Furniture USA presents Haller E Light Lodge with Bruno Augsburger

USM celebrates the North American prelaunch of its Haller E line with this modern take on a classic Swiss ski lodge. Built using USM’s revolutionary USM Haller modular furniture system, energy flows through the very structure and furnishings of the lodge to wirelessly illuminate its sparse interior. The “windows” of Light Lodge showcase Alpine landscape photography by acclaimed Swiss photographer Bruno Augsburger.

Light Lodge invites the observer to reflect on light’s intrinsic beauty and usefulness, and challenges our understanding of how light can be experienced. A solitary hiker watches awestruck as sun strikes the face of a mountain. Miles away, this same sun casts shadows across a home’s wooden floor and signals to its occupants the commencement of
end-of-day routines. From a kerosene lantern set carefully in the middle of a rough-hewn table to today’s USM Haller E technology, in which dimmable, energy-efficient light is cordlessly transmitted and controlled through sensors, we experience light with reverence and purpose.

Augsburger studied photography in Zurich and Leipzig and now lives in Zurich. The scope of his work includes landscape photography, commercial photography, and portraiture. His keen eye and direct style challenge the viewer to meditate on the world he captures with candor and hope.