Social Sculpture: Sustainability and Social Systems/ Presented by Therme Group™

Thursday, December 6/ 3:00–4:00 PM

We are experiencing a shift from an economy based on ownership to one based on participation and experience. How can contemporary design create not only objects, but also systems in which objects are manifestations of a greater cause? This panel explores how mainstream awareness can be redesigned through art, design, architecture, and urban planning.

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst/ Founding Partner, FuturePace
Cyrill Gutsch/ Founder of Parley
Nikolai Haas/ Artist
Simon Haas/ Artist
Francis Kéré/ Founder & Lead Architect, Kéré Architecture
Claudia Paetzold/ Art Advisor and Artistic Director Ik Lab

Moderated by: 
Mikolaj Sekutowicz/ Partner and Vice President Therme Group™ and Curator, Therme Art Program
Sara Faraj/ Secretary of the Therme Art Program Advisory Board

View the full presentation here.