Newson Fence/ Unveiled 2007

2006 Winner/ Marc Newson

The Design Miami/ Designer of the Year Award was presented to Marc Newson in December 2006.

Marc Newson embodies the famous modernist adage that a true designer can design everything from a spoon to a city; he applies consistent genius to every design problem, whether singular object or complete environment. He joins technological expertise with a brilliant aesthetic flair and originates extraordinary works of design in diverse categories––from furniture, watches, and household objects, to retail, restaurant, and jet interiors––demonstrating time and again his unique conceptual vision. While his iconic, limited-edition tables and chairs have become increasingly sought after among museums and private collectors, his industrial projects promise to enrich the way we travel, communicate, and experience our day-to-day world.

Newson created a permanent, site-specific installation at the Design and Architecture Senior High in the Miami Design District. A100-foot-long fence separating the school’s courtyard from the street left much to be desired, especially in a neighborhood dedicated to design. The completed installation was unveiled at Design Miami/ 2007, completing a yearlong collaboration among Design Miami/, Newson, and the magnet high school. The only constraints placed on Newson were that the fence must be hurricane-proof and visually permeable, allowing students to see out and passersby to see in. The design, based conceptually on waves, consists of a thin metal frame of four hundred vertical fins of varying depths. The appearance of the fence shifts based on point of view––up close, the fence allows a full view into and out from the courtyard. From a distance, the surface becomes fully opaque and appears to undulate as the viewer passes by.