Pedro Reyes & Carla Fernandez

2018 Winner/ Pedro Reyes & Carla Fernandez

Husband and Wife Duo Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernández Selected as the 2018 Design Miami/ Visionary Award Recipients

Contemporary artist Pedro Reyes and fashion designer Carla Fernández will present a collaborative exhibition at Design Miami/ 2018 and will design the graphic identity for the fair. Pedro and Carla’s work has always brilliantly synthesized a spectrum of influences – from Brutalism to Mexican indigenous culture to social progressive values – into a remarkable body of work. Reyes and Fernández will present a retrospective of works that address some of the fundamental concerns of our time and facilitate intimate human exchanges that have become rare in this digital age. The award winners' inspiration for the graphic identity comes from the bold graphics of the handmade protest signs, posters, and ephemera from the 1968 uprisings in Mexico, Paris, Prague, and Berkeley, a revolution that signaled a social and cultural turning point worldwide and inspired an art movement. The booth’s overall structure is designed by the award winners and will feature curved steel walls.

Following its debut at Design Miami/ the exhibition will travel to SCAD Museum of Art opening February 2019.